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Knoxville Cemeteries - Knox County, TN

Knoxville National Cemetery - U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs Database. Records of burials provided by the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs, on July 2, 2000.
Old Gray Cemetery - Old Gray Cemetery is a 13.47 acre site bounded by Broadway, Tyson and Cooper streets, with Broadway its primary access. The Knoxville National Cemetery is adjacent to Old Gray Cemetery on its northern boundary. Gray Cemetery (as it was known before New Gray Cemetery was established in 1892) was incorporated by the Tennessee Legislature on February 9, 1850, with a board of seven trustees.
Pleasant Forest Cemetery - Contains 116 records.
Thorngrove Cemetery - Contains 44 records.
Trentville Cemetery - Contains 7 records.

Veterans Cemeteries - 2

The Marble City: A Photographic Tour of Knoxville's Graveyards
by Jack Neely

For more than 25 years, Robert McGinnis was the undisputed Knox County Cemetery Historian. He transcribed more than 630,000 graves in Knox County, plus thousands of others in adjacent counties. Other researchers have transcribed cemeteries, but no effort has been as thorough as Robert's, nor do they amplify the data by including marriage, will, obituary, and deed information where it's available!

Cemetery Search - Find A Grave currently contains information for over 200,000 cemeteries, most with maps. Find A Grave has at least a partial listing of graves for over 150,000 of these cemeteries.

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Tennessee State Vital Records

Tennessee Vital Records
Central Services Bldg, 1st Floor
421 5th Avenue, North
Nashville, TN 37247-0460
Phone: 615-741-1763
Fax: 615-741-9860

Knox County Tennessee Vital Records

Knox County Health Department
Vital Records Division (Birth & Death Records)
140 Dameron Avenue
Room Number 207
Knoxville, TN 37917-6413
Phone: (865) 215-5100
Fax: (865) 215-5106

Knox County Clerk (Marriage Records)
Attn.: Marriage License
P.O. Box 1566
Knoxville, TN. 37901


Cemetery Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Adams Cemetery 360246N 0834045W Mascot
Anderson-Gouffon Cemetery 360322N 0835324W Fountain City
Armstrong Cemetery 355924N 0834943W Shooks Gap
Armstrong Cemetery 360047N 0834951W John Sevier
Asbury Cemetery 355647N 0835007W Shooks Gap
Aulton Cemetery 360313N 0840430W Powell
Bair Cemetery 360138N 0834805W John Sevier
Barner Cemetery 360523N 0835445W Fountain City
Bayless Cemetery 360537N 0835438W Fountain City
Beal Cemetery 360224N 0834415W Mascot
Bearden Cemetery 355245N 0840057W Bearden
Beaver Ridge Cemetery 355915N 0840658W Bearden
Beeler Cemetery 355847N 0840332W Bearden
Bell Cemetery 360604N 0835343W Fountain City
Bethel Cemetery 355413N 0835617W Knoxville
Biagiotti Cemetery 360259N 0834802W John Sevier
Bird Cemetery 355939N 0840423W Bearden
Bishopville Cemetery 360420N 0840357W Powell
Blackoak Cemetery 355445N 0841006W Lovell
Bookout Cemetery 360746N 0835842W Big Ridge Park
Bookwalter Cemetery   Inskip
Bounds Cemetery 360017N 0835005W John Sevier
Bounds Cemetery 360027N 0835022W John Sevier
Bowling Cemetery 360340N 0835503W Fountain City
Bowman Cemetery 355750N 0834218W Boyds Creek
Bradley Cemetery 360320N 0835858W Fountain City
Bright Cemetery 360701N 0835256W Fountain City
Brimer Cemetery 355915N 0840701W Bearden
Brown Cemetery 355435N 0835440W Knoxville
Brown Cemetery 360444N 0835456W Fountain City
Brown Cemetery 360513N 0835358W Fountain City
Burroughs Cemetery 360215N 0834709W John Sevier
Callahan Cemetery 360135N 0835843W Fountain City
Campbell Cemetery 355737N 0834502W Shooks Gap
Cardwell Cemetery 360407N 0834920W John Sevier
Carter Cemetery 355805N 0835955W Knoxville
Carter Cemetery 360322N 0834227W Mascot
Carter Cemetery 360347N 0834531W John Sevier
Cedar Grove Cemetery 360729N 0835952W Fountain City
Chamberlain Cemetery 360750N 0834439W Luttrell
Chesney Cemetery 355912N 0834123W Boyds Creek
Childs Cemetery 355910N 0840505W Bearden
Clift Cemetery 360230N 0834246W Mascot
Cline Cemetery 360720N 0835438W Fountain City
Cobb Cemetery 355849N 0841131W Lovell
Cobbs Cemetery 360221N 0834653W John Sevier
Collier Cemetery 360004N 0840417W Powell
Coupland Cemetery 360511N 0835236W Fountain City
Cowan Cemetery 355941N 0833951W Boyds Creek
Cox View Cemetery 355949N 0840528W Bearden
Craig Cemetery 355202N 0840332W Louisville
Crawford Cemetery 360716N 0834304W Mascot
Crestview Cemetery 355801N 0835755W Knoxville
Croft Cemetery 360333N 0834730W John Sevier
Cruze Cemetery 355255N 0835043W Shooks Gap
Dailey Cemetery 355916N 0834353W Boyds Creek
Davis Cemetery 355429N 0835515W Knoxville
Draper Cemetery 360903N 0835509W Big Ridge Park
Dunn Cemetery 355404N 0840229W Bearden
Dunn Cemetery 355455N 0834903W Shooks Gap
Early Cemetery 354829N 0840851W Concord
Edgewood Cemetery 355511N 0840340W Bearden
England-Legg Cemetery 360306N 0834806W John Sevier
Estes Cemetery 355629N 0841004W Lovell
Eubanks Chapel Cemetery 355655N 0840545W Bearden
Flenniken Cemetery 355310N 0835910W Knoxville
Foster Cemetery 360710N 0834411W Mascot
Fox Cemetery 360050N 0840359W Powell
Franse-Ingram Cemetery 360415N 0840403W Powell
Ginn Cemetery 355436N 0835720W Knoxville
Golden Cross Cemetery 360215N 0835837W Fountain City
Grace Cemetery 355210N 0840318W Louisville
Greenfield Memorial Cemetery 360657N 0835614W Fountain City
Greenwood Cemetery 360136N 0835452W Fountain City
Grubbs Cemetery 360042N 0840602W Powell
Hall Cemetery 360329N 0835534W Fountain City
Hall Cemetery 360958N 0835729W Big Ridge Park
Hall Cemetery 360401N 0835642W Fountain City
Hall Cemetery 360412N 0835556W Fountain City
Hansard Cemetery 360831N 0835914W Big Ridge Park
Happy Home Cemetery 355751N 0840025W Bearden
Harris Chapel Cemetery 355350N 0835420W Knoxville
Hickory Creek Cemetery 355317N 0841456W Lovell
Highland Memorial Cemetery 355632N 0835932W Knoxville
Hill Cemetery 360845N 0835704W Big Ridge Park
Holloway Cemetery 355722N 0840326W Bearden
Holly Hills Memorial Park 355345N 0834809W Shooks Gap
Holston View Memory Gardens 360318N 0834144W Mascot
Hopewell Cemetery 360518N 0834542W John Sevier
Howell Cemetery 360550N 0834233W Mascot
Howell Cemetery 360713N 0834345W Mascot
Hudgens Cemetery 360129N 0835815W Fountain City
Jack Cemetery 355709N 0834706W Shooks Gap
Jackson Cemetery 360408N 0835105W John Sevier
Jett Cemetery 360629N 0835907W Fountain City
Johnson Cemetery 355534N 0835018W Shooks Gap
Johnson Cemetery 360835N 0835504W Big Ridge Park
Johnson Cemetery 355628N 0834429W Boyds Creek
Johnson Cemetery 360251N 0834320W Mascot
Johnson-Randlers Cemetery 360224N 0834151W Mascot
Knott Cemetery 355717N 0835804W Knoxville
Knoxville Memorial Park 355456N 0840655W Bearden
Knoxville National Cemetery   Knoxville
Latham Cemetery 360240N 0840134W Powell
Lebanon Cemetery 355830N 0840816W Lovell
Long Tom Cemetery 354937N 0841013W Concord
Luttrell Cemetery 360411N 0835211W John Sevier
Lynnhurst Cemetery 360129N 0835556W Fountain City
Major Cemetery 360622N 0835216W John Sevier
Mars Hill Cemetery 355601N 0840327W Bearden
Maxwell Cemetery 355247N 0840235W Bearden
McBee Cemetery 360340N 0834210W Mascot
McBee Cemetery 360834N 0834521W Graveston
McCall Cemetery 355424N 0835125W Shooks Gap
McCammon Cemetery 355153N 0835201W Wildwood
McCarrell Cemetery 355426N 0835752W Knoxville
McCloud Cemetery 360616N 0835530W Fountain City
McCubbins Cemetery 360106N 0834447W Mascot
McMillan Cemetery 360125N 0834341W Mascot
McNutt Cemetery 355817N 0835209W Shooks Gap
Meadowlawn Cemetery 360526N 0835018W John Sevier
Meridian Cemetery 355526N 0835118W Shooks Gap
Monday Cemetery 355606N 0834757W Shooks Gap
Moulden Cemetery 360254N 0834107W Mascot
Mount Olive Cemetery 355430N 0835610W Knoxville
Mountain View Cemetery 360518N 0835026W John Sevier
Murphy Cemetery 360310N 0835220W John Sevier
Murphy Cemetery 360343N 0835209W John Sevier
Mynatt Cemetery 360935N 0834405W Luttrell
Mynatt Cemetery 360519N 0835555W Fountain City
National Cemetery 355831N 0835536W Knoxville
Nelson Cemetery 360503N 0835907W Fountain City
Neubert Cemetery 355342N 0835022W Shooks Gap
New Gray Cemetery 355822N 0835756W Knoxville
Norman Cemetery 360021N 0840624W Powell
Old Flat Creek Cemetery 360823N 0834753W Graveston
Old Gray Cemetery 355825N 0835529W Knoxville
Old Poor Farm Cemetery 360516N 0835023W John Sevier
Old Salem Cemetery 355738N 0834634W Shooks Gap
Parker Cemetery 360016N 0840434W Powell
Parker Cemetery 360107N 0835927W Fountain City
Perry Cemetery 355912N 0834841W Shooks Gap
Pet Memorial Cemetery 355431N 0840814W Lovell
Phibbs Cemetery 355850N 0840405W Bearden
Pleasant Chapel Cemetery 355742N 0840926W Lovell
Pleasant Forest Cemetery 355241N 0840854W Lovell
Plumlee Cemetery 360103N 0834629W John Sevier
Pratt Cemetery 360036N 0834718W John Sevier
Reed Cemetery 355659N 0840226W Bearden
Reed Cemetery 355723N 0840614W Bearden
Rhea Cemetery 355130N 0835158W Wildwood
Rockydale Cemetery 360843N 0834748W Graveston
Rogers Cemetery 360405N 0834806W John Sevier
Rudder Cemetery 355412N 0835849W Knoxville
Salem Cemetery 355915N 0833949W Boyds Creek
Shell Cemetery 360702N 0835142W John Sevier
Sherrod Cemetery 360203N 0834452W Mascot
Sherrod Cemetery 360319N 0834553W John Sevier
Sherwood Cemetery     Alcoa Hwy
Shipe Cemetery 360353N 0834824W John Sevier
Shipe Cemetery 360353N 0834825W John Sevier
Shipe Cemetery 360732N 0834226W Luttrell
Shook Cemetery 355908N 0835207W Shooks Gap
Slave Cemetery 360430N 0840118W Powell
Spitzer Cemetery 360647N 0835600W Fountain City
Stanton Cemetery 355713N 0835206W Shooks Gap
Strong Cemetery 360302N 0834700W John Sevier
Tindell Cemetery 360450N 0835302W Fountain City
Tindell Cemetery 360539N 0835154W John Sevier
Trentville Cemetery 360152N 0834300W Mascot
Trout Cemetery 360607N 0834749W John Sevier
Turley Cemetery 360215N 0834836W John Sevier
Underwood Cemetery 355814N 0834305W Boyds Creek
Union Cemetery 360409N 0835038W John Sevier
Union Cemetery 355959N 0834717W Shooks Gap
Van Loon Cemetery 355645N 0840639W Bearden
Varner Cemetery 360416N 0835417W Fountain City
Walker Cemetery 360152N 0834226W Mascot
Walker Cemetery 360715N 0834432W Mascot
Wallace Cemetery 360421N 0835756W Fountain City
Wallace Cemetery 360755N 0835826W Big Ridge Park
Weaver Cemetery 360608N 0835754W Fountain City
Wells Cemetery 355526N 0835843W Knoxville
Williams Cemetery 355836N 0835227W Shooks Gap
Woodlawn Cemetery 355601N 0835400W Knoxville
Woods Cemetery 360814N 0835829W Big Ridge Park
Yarnell Cemetery 355728N 0840822W Lovell
Zachary Cemetery 360812N 0834349W Luttrell